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What is luxury to you? What does it feel and look like? For some it may be old world embel-
lishment harkening back to a sense of inherent glamour, while for others it may be modern,
minimalist finery at its chicest. We each have our own individual aesthetic, reflecting our
specific lifestyle and aspirations. Now imagine all the nuance of your personal opulence in-
fused into the design of a singular piece created to your exact specification. That is precisely
what we at Cordonia and sach are committed to: the creation of personalized luxury.

Cordonia and Sach simultaneously celebrates the es-
sence of luxury along with the individuality of each of our
clients, epitomizing elegance, exclusivity, and quality
craftsmanship at the cornerstone of every design. We are
committed to the excellence of personalization and wel-
come our clients to join us on the creative journey every
step of the way. Our design process begins and ends with
you- our patron, partner, and muse- as we tailor each of
our pieces to reflect your lifestyle and preferences, the
result being a truly unique, one-of-a-kind accessory.
Share your thoughts, passions, goals, and witness as our
team captures the essence of everything you are and love
within a single design. From materials and hardware to
functionality and decorative detail, our client is at the
heart of every subtlety, co-creating and inspiring the en-
tire process.

We pride ourselves on true quality and therefore produce
less than fifty handbags and 15 timepieces in the course
of one year, ensuring all pieces are lavished with care
and attention to detail. Each bag and timepiece is made
in the United States and, like all true masterpieces, are
crafted by hand and completely distinct. Allow Cordonia
and Sach to capture the true essence of who you are and
the life you have curated within one of our customized
pieces of luxury, created to stand by your side through
the test of time.